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Measuring SEO

Measuring SEO

Measuring, Prioritising, & Executing SEO The saying that ‘when something can be measured, it can be improved’ is also applicable to SEO. This is because SEO keeps track of everything, from ranking to lost links, and this helps enhance the value of search engine optimization. When you can measure the influence of your work, you […]

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Link building and Establishing Authority

Link building

The misconception that most site owners have about SEO is that they believe that well-written contents (that addresses the need of users) are all they need to get their sites ranked on Google and other search engines. However, having all the qualities and all the answers to users’ questions may not be enough to push […]

Technical SEO – basic goals for every website

Technical SEO

Technical SEO The basic goal of every website is to be readable by its users and search engines. A website that is readable by search engines can easily get ranked and earn credibility with developers. One of the important things to focus on in order for a website to be readable by developers or search […]